A Sermon in Shoes

A Sermon in Shoes
(Father's Day)


Props: Kids may wear cut out shoes made from cardstock hung around their neck; wear crazy shoes; or hold a shoe to represent the part they recite.

Teacher: Dads wear all kind of shoes. Each dad will wear different shoes depending on priorities of family, church, and relationships to God. Here are some things that kids have to say about dads.

Child 1: My dad wears big shoes. He holds me when I am sad.


Child 2: My dad wears busy shoes. He works lots for the church and visits the sick in the hospital.


Child 3: My dad wears worn shoes. He has a very big job that takes him to many cities.


Child 4 My dad wears busy shoes. He attends all our games every week.


Child 5: My dad wears Black shoes. He preaches in his black suit every Sunday.


Child 6: My dad wears house shoes. He gives me a ride on his back around the living room each night.


Child 7: My dad wears tennis shoes. He runs every evening with my mom and me.


Child 8: My dad wears golf shoes. He takes me to play miniature golf once in a while.


Child 9: My dad wears church shoes. Our family attends church every week and hears about God.


Child 10: My dad wears funny shoes. He makes me laugh lots and lots.


Child 11: My dad wears fireman shoes. He helps save the lives of many people.


Child 12: My dad wears different shoes. He has many roles that he plays as my dad.


Teacher: What kind of shoes do you wear, Dad? What would your kids say about the shoes you wear every day? Let us remember to wear the kind of shoes to build lasting memories of love and time spent with them, and of service to God.

©Jeanne McIntosh June 10, 2009. All rights reserved. You are welcome to use for your church or Christian school.

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