Romans 3:23


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Memory Verse:

Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans   3:23


Question: Say, "Have you ever heard someone say, “That’s a sin!” Did you feel puzzled as to what they were meaning or if they were just saying those words?


Show a Bible. Say, “This is God’s Word. We are going to read our memory verse from God’s Word. Read to the children from the bible the verse for today. You may also use PowerPoint to have them all say in unision.


Show them the verse written on the dry erase board in large font. Turn it around so that they cannot see it in advance before you show it. You may use PowerPoint if you have it available.


Point out the reference (Romans 3:23) and tell them that Romans is in the New Testament. It was believed to have been written by Paul.  Have them read the verse together with you one time.


Say “Look at the word sinned”. This means to do something wrong. It is something that is contrary to God’s Word. When we sin, we have chosen to willfully do something that God says not to do. When we do that, we break fellowship with God.  In order to restore that fellowship, we need to ask God to forgive us. He will because He has promised that He would.


The word glory represents God’s wonder or greatness. We praise God who is magnificent and His spender in heaven will be worth living a life pleasing to Him.


If you do not know Jesus who lives in heaven, you can know Him today. If you do know Jesus, you can thank Him for His forgiveness and faithfulness to you.


Make two sets of the verse on index cards. Pass these out to two kids. Have them put the words in order. You can time them if you wish to make a competition out of this. Give all a sticker who can put it together correctly. Allow several teams to repeat this activity.


Say the verse together again a few times.


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