Evangelism for Kids


Evangelism for Kids

What is evangelism? It is to spread the Gospel Message to others outside the church, everywhere we go, and to everyone we come in contact with. If we demonstrate an enthusiasm and seal for God’ work, our children will be more willing to reach out to others as well. How can we do this? Here are some suggestions that may be helpful in your endeavors:

1.     Create individual cards to staple or glue to a larger poster board folded in half.  Take to an elderly person who is shut in and cannot get out to attend church.

2.     Make bags of candy to take to kids who have missed church or Sunday school with a special “I love you”  or “We miss you” note enclosed.

3.     Make an appointment to go to a nursing home and sing for the elderly. Allow kids to present a drama skit.

4.     Plan a talent show for a nursing home that the youth or kids can present.

5.     Join families in the “Walk for Life” once a year.

6.     Present a Bible Club that is open to kids and their friends in your backyard.

7.     Invite the kids to bring their friends to a “Water Party” if you have access to a swimming pool. Share the story of Jesus calling the Fisherman “Peter, James, John”. Show them how they can fish for people. Invite them to come back again next week and bring a new friend. Provide good supervision.

8.     Plan a neighborhood party for the kids to come to a “Watermelon Party.” Have everyone bring a watermelon. Have games and show “Jonathan Sperry” excellent movie for kids that present a wonderful salvation message. Have kids in your church pass out invitations to kids on your street or close by. Better yet, have them bring all their friends they know.

9.     Have a “Friend Day” at church. See how many kids can invite enough people to fill their pew. Award the most a “Friendship” ribbon.  Celebrate with a carry in dinner following the service.

10.  Have a “Kid’s Crusade” one weekend. Use a team to come up with ideas that work for your church, topics, objects lessons, skits, variety of ways to present the Gospel (media, drama, Christian magic) use your imagination. Have a Big Splash ending party or overnighter.

11.  Plan a concert or magic show on the church parking lot. Set out lots of chairs. Set up a stand for can pop or lemonade. Sell popcorn and soft drink. Schedule a really cool group that will appeal to the community to provide some music.

12.   Use your church kids to distribute school supplies to kids prior to school beginning for the year. Allow your kids to be a part of reaching out to others in kindness. Set up a location at the church, or at the local community park.

13.  Have “Christmas Tree” evangelism placing items or money to help a family in need. Get all the Sunday school involved.

14.  Fill Christmas Shoe boxes for a missionary project.

15.  Give every child an empty egg and have them write their testimony on paper and place inside. Encourage them to give it away to someone who does not go to church.

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