New Year for Kid’s Church


New Year for Kid’s Church


TOPIC: New Year’s Resolution

Scripture: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7 (NIV)

Props: Party hat to wear as you teach the lesson. Write “King Jesus” on the hat. Print out the “New Year slips for the kids to share (see below). Party hats for all kids if possible.

Hey kids! Have you ever made a promise that you did not keep? Maybe you tried so very hard, but something came up and you had no choice but to change your mind about what you had originally planned.

During the New Year’s, many people make new pledges or promises that they hope to keep. They tell themselves or someone else what they will agree to do. Some people say, “I will not eat any desserts for a long time”; others try to avoid certain foods that are fattening. Some people will commit to reading their bible and praying more than they did during the past year. Some even, say they will do better in school and get good grades. No matter what you agree to do, you cannot do it alone.

It is a great undertaking to give your word and not be able to keep it over and over again. We do have the assurance that we can do all things with the help of King Jesus and be successful. Of course, we may fail at times, but He will help us get back on track, and help us follow through with what we need to change in our lives.

May people try so hard in their own strength without realizing that they need God’s help. I used to be that way. I felt that if I could do it on my own, how could God possibly help me. I already know how. That is not the way it works, and I have had to learn that in my life. God is the one who give us His desires and will power to do what we should do.

King Jesus is our friend, and when we ask for His help in all we do, he is right there for us. We can depend on Him.

When I do something - even little things, I like to ask God to help me. When I visit people in the hospital, I will ask God to go before me and prepare them for my visits. When I sing at church, I will ask God to help me. I want to be a blessing for Him, and I know that is what you want to.

Remember, that King Jesus is here all the time and we just need to tap in on that strength that He wants to give helping us in our daily living and decisions.

This year as you make New Years Resolutions ask Him what would be good for you to do. He will never leaves us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6), and will walk with us each day in all we do and say – if we ask Him and seek Him. He will help us keep our word. The door to King Jesus is open for you. Try it!

Pass out these readings on slips of paper for 7 kids to read and share the “why” or “how” of their responses.


N – New things are good.

E – Everyone needs to keep a promise once made.

W – Walking with Jesus will help us keep our promises.


Y – You can ask God for his help every day.

E – Eating healthy is important.

A – Always spend time with God every day.

R – Remember that you cannot keep a promise without God’s help.

Memory Verse: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7 (NIV)

To “ask” is to bring a request to God. When God hears your request, He will answer it according to His will for you. God has special plans for you, and wants what is best for You. He will never do anything that would harm you – ever! It is our duty to seek His will. We do that by reading the Bible, praying, and talking with our pastor and Sunday school teachers. Sometimes, we feel the need to knock for a while before we feel that he hears us. God is not hard of hearing and hears us the first time. Normally, we fail to trust Him so we bang a long time at his door. That is ok – for He will not be angry with you. However, He does want you to trust him for the answers that you need. He will allow you to freely come to Him. He opens His door as you are knocking or asking. He loves you – remember that!

Read the verse to the kids and leave out (only) the words “YOU”. Have the kids say these words each time in unison loudly.

Craft Time: Give each child a New Year’s Card and have them write a letter to God asking for His help this New Year for one thing. Allow them to place in a sealed envelope and address to: God  location: 7th Heaven (the 7 stand for perfect).

Additional: Make a party hat with the words “King Jesus” on it.


Kevin: I am not going to eat any more candy this year.

Teacher: Why is that?

Kevin: Because I need to make a New Year’s Resolution. I cannot think of what so came up with this.

Teacher: Do you think it will be difficult to keep that for a whole year?

Kevin: Sure! I eat it every day – for lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

Teacher: That is a lot of candy. Do you think that is good for you?

Kevin: Probably not! But my friends give it to me, and I eat it.

Teacher: What about not eating so much candy – like maybe, only once a day.

Kevin: I think I can do that!

Teacher: Have you asked God for help?

Kevin: God? What’s He going to do about it?

Teacher: He will help you have the will power to keep that promise and give you the desire to do it.

Kevin: That made sense. How do I go about talking to him?

Teacher: We talk to God as we pray. He is near and listening to our needs. Do you know Jesus as your friend?

Kevin: No, I have five friends at school and that is enough. I don’t have time for more friends at this time.

Teacher: God wants to be our best friend. He gave His life on the cross for you so that you may be forgiven of your sins and go to heaven one day.

Kevin: Is that so? I think I heard that story at Easter one year. My mom and I do not go to church. She works and I have to keep my younger sister.

Teacher: Do you think you would like to come to my church with your sister?

Kevin: Maybe….

Teacher: Would you like me to talk with your mom and see if the church could pick you both up to go this Sunday morning?

Kevin: Sure….and about talking with Jesus…I may try that. I need someone to talk with sometimes when my friends just do not understand some things.

Teacher: He wants to be your friend. I will get in touch with your mother this week and I will also be praying for you.

Kevin: Thanks, no one has ever said that to me before. I think I would like to come to your church to hear more about Jesus being my friend.

Teacher: I am glad to hear that. Hopefully, we will see you on Sunday.

Kevin: Sure thing! (Exit)

©   Jeanne McIntosh  December 21, 2010. All rights reserved.


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