Teaching the Trinity

Teaching the Trinity Concept to Children


Some concepts many be difficult for children to understand. Teaching in a creative way can help with retention and understanding. You may think of additional ways to illustrate the Trinity so children can understand this concept through some fun illustrations. Here are a few below.

 I have use an apple to represent all three Godheads of the trinity. You have the peeling which can represent "God", the meat, which can represent "the Son, and the core, which can represent the "Holy Spirit" This might be good to use during the fall in order to tie in with the season. The apple can also be split in to, and shows the Star of David another lesson which you might use at a later time.

Another idea is to use an egg, which is probably the old one you have heard, where you have the shell, egg white and the yolk. This idea could be used during the Lent and Easter season.

You might take some lima beans (large ones) and soak in water. Allow the kids to split them open. Once open, inside you will see as a tiny seed. One child described it to me as a lobster when I was subbing in a public school for a science project they did. The Science project gave me this idea to use like to convery to children the trinity. You can illustrate the skin, meat and the bean inside (or lobster) just kidding.

You may use a PBJ sandwich. The bread, peanut butter, and the jelly represent all three God-heads. We normally gave the kids a snack, and this can be used use as a snack station prior to Kid’s Worship.

During Valentine’s day, you might use a Chocolate covered cherry. Chocolate, the gooey inside, and then the cherry.

You can use an original chart with the triangle and labeling all three points to represent each part of the Godhead. Allow them to take turns to draw and label the three parts giving each job description of the Godhead following your lesson. Just make it fun and great for retention.

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